Diamond Sports Cap with Straw *DEFECT*

Compatible with all BX bling bottles
$16.95 $32.95
Color Black


 Please note, this Diamond Sports Cap has a DEFECT (adhesive might not hold the diamonds) ✨

Based on our testing, some rhinestones will most likely fall off, especially from the handle area. However, the sports cap remains fully functional, just like our regular sports cap.

Say goodbye to the hassle of unscrewing your Belux Bottle every time you need a sip. Our diamond sports lid with straw transforms your bling bottle info the ultimate hydration accessory!

Designed for easy hydration, it's perfect for those on-the go moments - from the gym to the office. With it's leak-proof and BPA free design you can hydrate worry-free. 💧

❖ Straw sipper lid that makes drinking a breeze

❖ Convenient carry handle for your active lifestyle

❖ Leak-proof design: say goodbye to spills and leaks

❖ Compatible with all our 750ml bling bottles

❖ BPA-Free

❖ Handwash only